The Summer Scents

The Summer Scents

The Summer Scents ~ Handmade, Luxurious, Eco-friendly, Vegan, 100% pure, reassuringly renewable and completely sustainable Rapeseed/Coconut Wax Candles. Each one is all-naturally scented with hand-foraged wildflowers/flora from the Scottish Highlands from each of the four seasons.


No essential oils. No perfumes. No artificial fragrances. No additives. No palm wax, beeswax, pesticides or herbicides. No chemicals. No additives. No toxins.


  • Formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.
  • Free from any animal products or GMO markers.
  • Does not contain residual solvents as per guidelines CPMP/ICH283/95.
  • Has not been tested on animals by ourselves or on our behalf.


Zero-Plastic. Zero-Waste. ​Zero impact on the environment and on you ~ which means a healthier planet and a healthier you.


Five available scents to choose from - Wildflowers, The Wild Roses, The Wild Lavender. The Wild Roses/Lavender/Sage combo or The Wild Heather/Sage/Broom combo scents.

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  • THE SUMMER SCENTS  (Wildflowers) has a chosen selection of the following: Elderflower, butterwort, marigold, wild lavender, bugle, milkwort, cowslip, maiden pink, violet, wild pansy, meadowsweet, ground elder, wild heather, fairy flax, yellow pimpernel, red/white clovers, daisies, bramble, meadow buttercup, welsh poppy, dog rose, forget-me-nots, scottish thistle, amethysts, wood cranesbill, wood anemone, delphiniums, broom, common lady's mantle, tormentil, welsh poppy, gorse, etc. 


    THE SUMMER SCENTS  (Wild Roses) has a chosen selection of varying roses; the petals, hand-picked and dried naturally to capture its beautiful, delicate fragrance, whilst naturally preserving its colour.


    THE SUMMER SCENTS (Wild Lavender) has vibrant, hand-picked wild lavender; dried naturally to capture its beautiful, aromatic and tranquil fragrance, whilst naturally preserving its colour.


    THE SUMMER SCENTS (Wild Roses, Wild Lavender & Sage Combo scent) has a combination of hand-picked wild roses, wild lavender and sage - dried naturally to capture their delicious and tantalising fragrances - whilst naturally preserving their colour.


    THE SUMMER SCENTS (Wild Heather/Sage & Broom Combo Scents) has a combination of hand-picked wild heather, sage and Scotch broom from the beautiful Scottish Highlands; dried naturally to capture their unique and aromatic fragrances, whilst naturally preserving their colour.  


    Our 38cl candles will burn for approximately 50-55 hours.


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