The Wild Sage & Quartz Crystal Candle

The Wild Sage & Quartz Crystal Candle

The Wild Sage & Quartz Crystal Candle ~ Handmade, Luxurious, Eco-friendly, Vegan, 100% pure, reassuringly renewable and completely sustainable Rapeseed/Coconut Wax Candles. Each one is all-naturally scented with hand-foraged wild flora from the Scottish Highlands. (See product info below for full description).



No essential oils. No perfumes. No artificial fragrances. No additives. No palm wax, beeswax, pesticides or herbicides. No chemicals. No additives. No toxins.



  • Formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.
  • Free from any animal products or GMO markers.
  • Does not contain residual solvents as per guidelines CPMP/ICH283/95.
  • Has not been tested on animals by ourselves or on our behalf.



Zero-Plastic. Zero-Waste. ​Zero impact on the environment and on you ~ which means a healthier planet and a healthier you.

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  • Product Info

    THE WILD SAGE & QUARTZ CRYSTAL CANDLE  is naturally scented with White Sage and contains a raw, Quartz crystal. It's also available in the wax melt scents (*Please note - if purchasing the Wild Sage wax melts, you will receive your raw, Quartz crystal in the packaging separately).


    White Sage is known as the "Sacred Sage" and is a highly magical plant that works in many different realms. It is believed to lend its cleansing and protective energy into your space - healing, protecting, and cleansing the spirit, soul, emotional body, and mind through its sacred smoke.


    Burning White Sage or smudging, is also well known for its ability to purify and cleanse. It creates a calming ritual that helps to release the stagnant energy that can breed negativity.  White Sage can be burnt for many reasons including moving into a new home, after a period of illness, starting a new chapter in your life or simply to refresh your energy before your daily meditation. 


    Here in Rannoch, we are blessed to have the mystical and magical Mount Schiehallion that prominently graces our landscape. Translated as the "Faery Hill of the Caledonians," - Schiehallion has a rich botanical life, interesting archaeology, and a unique place in scientific history for an 18th-century experiment in "weighing the world" - it hosted one of Earth Sciences’ most important early geophysical experiments – to find the mean density of the Earth.


    It's geology is most fascinating though. The majority of Schiehallion consists of Quartzite, a rock formed from an original sand by heat and pressure. Quartzite is a white or pinkish rock, in which the dominant mineral is Quartz.


    Precious and Semi-precious gemstones such as Quartz/Quartzite have been used since recorded history for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.  


    Quartzite stabilizes positive changes by anchoring them in the fabric of your physical and subtle bodies. It helps prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience. Quartzite helps the body establish a new state of balance that includes the beneficial change. When you're experiencing rapid changes, Quartzite also helps you maintain your perspective and overall balance by regulating your rate of change, and can also be used to anchor a specific positive change.


    Available as a Pillar candle (500 grams/ml), or in three stunning glass collections - The Baroque Collection, The Star Chamber Collection (Outlander TV Series inspired), and The Versailles Collection (Outlander TV Series inspired).


    The pillar candle style does NOT come in a glass container, and will need to be burned in a pillar candle container in order to maximise the burn time, and protect the structure of the candle.  (Pictures 1 and 2 above)


    The collection glasses are shown in pictures above as reference - Baroque, Star Chamber and Versailles!  


    All candles will burn for approximately 50-55 hours.




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    There are a few things you can do to help extend the life of your candle. Read more..... 



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